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Email/Email Digest Settings

Never been able to get email digest working since moving to docker.

The wiki says: https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/wiki/EmailDigests
Which says I need PHPMailer Plugin. Is that needed for all emails, digest, or just digest Html emails? And if I don’t have that is there no email capabiltity (even though the config already has smtp_digest settings?

And then it says under the config.php that it will use the default MX of the machine if I leave it empty, ok I need to fill that in now as the container wont have an MX. Do I just enter my smtp server or smtpserver:port?

And is there a way of forcing an email from a curl, http call so I can test it. About the only way I could see an error was trying to force a password reset.

About the only thing I get in the log is:

E_USER_NOTICE (1024)	:0	Sending mail from Tiny Tiny RSS <[email protected]> to sysadmin <[email protected]> <[email protected]> [[tt-rss] Password reset request]: Hello, sysadmin. You (or someone else) requested a password reset on this Tiny Tiny RSS instance. Click on the following link to reset your password: http://ttrss.domain.com:8012/public.php?op=forgotpass&hash=sdfkjsdfsdfkjflajkkjfa;sdjfs;fkj;sdfa&login=sysadmin Please note that the above link will only be valid for the next 15 minutes. If you don't want to reset your password, ignore this message. Sincerely, Tiny Tiny RSS Mail Daemon.

But nothing actually specifying an error. Is there a way of getting more logging?