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Drop-Down Menus have text not arrows

The recent updates have also caused problems to the drop-down menus at the top-right of the display.

I now see the text ‘fl’ instead of a down-arrow.


you have some kind of font-related overrides which prevent bundled font (in lib/flat-ttrss) from working properly - all those icons are actually fonts

your other thread about feed icons is material icons font not working properly (in lib/iconfont)

i’m not sure why this can happen, check if files are actually in there and maybe chrome network logs in f12 console. idk. some kind of woff-blocking addon.

After the recent updates I am seeing text instead of icons for the Special categories.


(i moved your other post here since it’s the same underlying font-related problem)

Your reply pointed me in the right direction.
In Firefox I had ‘Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of your selections above’ disabled.
Now that I have enabled it all the ‘icons’ and menu arrows have returned as expected.
Thanks @fox

Ugh. Replying here because people should search for their problem, and when they find this and they aren’t using firefox, they’ll be unhelped by the OP’s particular cause of the issue. In my case I found that (and I have no idea how it got there) I had some CSS in the database, in the USER_STYLESHEET user_prefs field, and it included ‘sans-serif !important’ and led to the same breakage. Cleared out that CSS from the db and all looks right. (Couldn’t find a front-end option to edit that field, but I’ve been upgrading in place long enough that it’s probably an inherited issue)

preferences -> theme -> [ customize ] ?

Look at that! No, seriously, if you’re having this CSS (or, I guess, any other CSS) issue people, look at that.