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Disable selection mode?

I started to use tt-rss on an iPad lately (Chrome), and sometimes when trying to scroll the list, it starts to mark text.
Surely it’s a user error. Though I was thinking if selecting text is something that might actually not be necessary in a reader like ttrss.
What do you think of disabling it altogether, or adding an option to do so? Maybe inside the feed item detail it could make sense, but outside of that area probably not so much.

i’m not adding any modifications / options to main UI because of touch devices, but it should be possible to do something like that via user css and/or plugins.

You want to use CSS’s user-select. You’ll have to go through the UI with a proper web browser (one that has an inspector) to find out which elements are needed.

When I need to use this, I typically apply it to a top-level element:

html {
    user-select: none;

Then I override it later on, because there will be times when you may want to copy/paste content out of an article.

Thank you @JustAMacUser, that solves it for me!