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Cookie errors, sometimes

Hey all,

I’ve noticed this happening for the past couple of months and figured I’d finally ask.

bestgore com/feed/

50% of the time will retrieve the article and the other 50% produce the below error. As this is the only feed that has this issue I’ll assume it’s on the websites end.

These cookies are necessary in order to log in as a registered user, and use the website's features 
for members. If you do not intend to interact with other members, post comments, participate in 
forums and/or other social networking activities, you can block these cookies. The website will 
function for non logged in users normally without them.

wordpress_test_cookie, wordpress_logged_in_{hash}, wordpress_{hash}, wp-settings-{UID}, wp- 
settings-time-{UID} All cookies that start with the letter "w" are set by WordPress. Their use is limited 
to logged in users. They store such information as your authentication details, indication when you're 
logged in, and who you are, and to customize your view of admin and/or the main site interface. 
More information about WordPress cookies HERE.

_lscache_vary cookie is set by the LiteSpeed Cache plugin. The cookie indicates to the plugin that 
the user is logged in. Based on the presence or the absence of the cookie, the plugin determines 
what version of a page from the cache (logged in or not logged in) is served. More information 

SimpleCommentEditing{hash} cookie is set by the Simple Comment Editing plugin, and is set only 
after making a comment, and lasts for the duration of the permitted time to edit or delete the 
comment (set to 5 minutes). While the cookie exists, the editing of the comment is possible. More 
information HERE.

bp-activity-oldestpage cookie is only set on the Activity page when the user clicks on "Load More" 
button. The cookie remembers what page of activity the “load more” is on. It is set by the 
BuddyPress plugin. More information HERE..

wordpress_test_cookie, wordpress_logged_in_{hash}, _lscache_vary, 
SimpleCommentEditing{hash}, wordpress_{hash}, wp-settings-{UID}, wp-settings-time-{UID}, bp- 

Why are you asking us? Did you read the text? That comes from them, go ask them why they are serving that to you.

In before fox gives you a year off.

I didn’t post this to assign blame, just an interesting oddity I haven’t seen before. I think you need year off from life my man.

You guessed right. BTW: is there a question?


anyway, yeah this looks like a misconfigured wordpress (ain’t they all) or something like that.