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Communication problem with server

Describe the problem you’re having:
Trying to refresh feeds within web interface won’t work and produces a “Communication problem with server” yellow icon on the left of Actions pull-down menu.

If possible include steps to reproduce the problem:
Trying to refresh / force feed update using SIMPLE_UPDATE_MODE to true or by clicking on the feed (any feed).

[Tiny Tiny RSS] v18.12 (e42d25a)

Platform (i.e. Linux distro, PHP, PostgreSQL, etc) versions:
CentOS 7.5, PHP 7.2.12, MariaDB 10.2

Please provide any additional information below:
Updating using update.php WORKS, either with --feeds or as --daemon but I am not using cron and I don’t want to.

it’s possible that simple update mode is broken right now
it would help if you post any related tt-rss event log and f12 browser console errors

Event log is clear. Checked that out in the last couple of days, so either there are no errors logged or produced.

F12 browser console errors: Sorry don’t understand what you need. I use Chrome (latest) but its console is unknown to me.

Any news on the simple update mode fix? It’s still broken as it seems by latest build.

so you’re too lazy to check browser console, even though you’ve literally been told which button to press, but not too lazy to bump your thread daily until you get a fix. interesting.

anyway, the “news” is as follows:

  1. it’s going to get fixed when i’m done with other stuff
  2. continue to post like this here and i’m going to probate you into next millennium


Hi fox,
maybe this helps, I’m not a webdev so please advice which information could help:

Object { op: "rpc", method: "updaterandomfeed" }
notify Communication problem with server. 2 common.js:189:3
SyntaxError: "JSON.parse: unexpected end of data at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data"

    handleRpcJson https://rss.domain.net/js/AppBase.js?1549966252:191 updateRandom https://rss.domain.net/js/Feeds.js?1549966252:558 onComplete https://rss.domain.net/js/common.js?1549966252:26 respondToReadyState https://rss.domain.net/lib/prototype.js?1549966252:1827 onStateChange https://rss.domain.net/lib/prototype.js?1549966252:1756 

in update_random_feed Feeds.js:555:4
Object { op: "rpc", method: "updaterandomfeed" }

it looks like you get a timeout while updating because it takes too long to update a single feed (there’s provisions to prevent timeouts for sequences of feeds but nothing can be done for a single one)

this i’m afraid is a limitation of simple updates, i suggest you switch to a proper update method, i.e. daemon or at least a cron job

e: either that or increase maximum script lifetime for php (if you can)

Oh dear, what shall I say…
In this case it was all my fault, i had simple updates enabled while also had been using the daemon.

I now just disabled simple updates and the error went awai.

by the way its a few thousand feeds in my system for lots of users :wink:

So fox, thank you very much for that fast help and this great piece of software!

Hi @fox;

I running Tiny Tiny RSS on a VPS which I reserved 2GB of RAM and 2vCPU only for TT-RSS which I believe is a “proper server/instance” specially I only have one user, which is me.

I also have this error on this new installation, I tried with MySQL and Postgress and I understand is is an issue with the update.php

As I mention it is a VPS so I can’t create a system deamon and when I try to run /opt/alt/php73/usr/bin/php /home/USER/www/update_daemon2.php --feeds

I have this error : error: getopt() failed. Most probably you are using PHP CGI to run this script instead of required PHP CLI. Check tt-rss wiki page on updating feeds for additional information.

Don’t get me wrong, your software make me happy and do stuff for me only it could do it (sorting, filtering and republishing RSS) but forcing user to have root access on their host is quite arch no ?

Do you plan to make a version of update2 non daemon ?

Are you sure you are in fact running ttrss on a VPS? Being on a VPS usually includes having root access which in turn means you should be able to install php-cli and run update deamon the way it is supposed to be used.

Providing some platform information would make debugging this way easier.

Also I’m pretty sure a non daemon version of update2 is not going to happen. There is simple update method for that.

By the way: You don’t necessarily need root access in order to run the daemon.

enjoy 2 weeks probation for hijacking a thread with unrelated issue and @mentioning me without reason.

also, you don’t know how anything works. please don’t host things on the internet before you do.