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Changing the Update Interval for tt-rss?

I got TT-RSS all installed today on my dedicated server, but then realized the update interval options seem very limited. Is there any easy way to adjust them?

A found another post on here earlier where someone mentioned trying to tinker around with some of the values but wasn’t having any luck.

Would you have any suggestions for trying to get something quicker than waiting 15 minutes for an update?

The amounts are hard-coded into TT-RSS. You could manually change the code, but I would strongly recommend against that. There’s really no reason to refresh a web site too frequently, it only increases the load on the source’s server.

There might not be any reason for you to refresh a web site so frequently, but I can think of numerous reasons for other people out there to need quick access to new data :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, thank you for the information. I will try giving it a look to see if I can find the correct spot to update it. If you or anyone else here knows of anything that could point me in the right direction, feel free to let me know :smiley:

I read something about possibly checking the database to update the values, so maybe I’ll start there.

If you choose to do this, change the useragent so the rest of us don’t get blocked for your asshattery.

Asshattery for using options that are available on many other RSS aggregators? :stuck_out_tongue: and considering I’m using tt-rss to get data from my own servers, I don’t think I have to worry about blocking myself lol

oh there’s been several incidents of enraged blog owners coming here because of tt-rss http requests.

e: maybe its different with desktop readers in that there’s no implicit assumption that somehow we, here, are responsible for every tt-rss user out there, just because tt-rss.org is in the user agent. :thinking:

Yeah it’s kinda silly :stuck_out_tongue: I think that’s shame on the blogger / business owner for being unsavvy – not the TT-RSS user.

Otherwise, what if TT_RSS suddenly experienced a huge increase in popularity. Then the amount of user-agents would be even higher than it is now, regardless of update intervals. What they should be doing if they’re that enraged is blocking their IP address.

But I guess I get it if their server is already having a hard enough time handling all the traffic. But I doubt that’s often after having worked for years at one of the big Web Hosting companies and having some strange encounters with irrational customers over their stats (and/or discovering them). Yet before the call they wouldn’t even know what a user-agent is or the difference between a hit / visitor.