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Can't use the parameter "ts" for the "tag link"?

I tried several “tag link”, when I use “ts” with the link, like “https://xxx.xxx.xxx?ts=10 minutes ago”, the generated result is not working as it suppose to show.

But the “ts” is working fine with the “label link” though.

Is that a bug?

what are you talking about exactly? not sure if i understand.

“tag link”: click a tag, then it will create a link to share the articles with that tag.
“label link”: chose a label, then create a share link.

“ts” can’t work with the “tag link”.

oh, this wasn’t supported for tags. this commit should fix it: https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/commit/270b39a33738ae45f1cab2d7a7dd518af10221ca