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Can't see the whole long rule in the filters page

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When the rule is too long, wider than my screen’s width, it will be “cut” by the screen, no scroll bar in the bottom, I have to click the rule to see the whole thing.

Hope you can fix this, maybe not a real bug though.

If possible include steps to reproduce the problem:

tt-rss version (including git commit id):
It shows in recent commits, including the latest : 5c481fb24997fd292c6933b9d1c711e948732414

Platform (i.e. Linux distro, PHP, PostgreSQL, etc) versions:
Cent OS 7
php 5.6.39
Chrome 71

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why not split the regexp into several shorter ones, it would be more readable anyway

e: i mean it’s a bug i suppose that it doesn’t scroll but meh :shrug:

With the long rules,I have had too many rules in one page now. If I split them into lines, the page will be much longer. That will be ugly.


So it’s a bug, you’re going to fix that, right?

i’ll try to take a look at this tomorrow

Glad to see the display changes, it helps, thank you!

But I suggest if could put a prompt before each rule will be better.

Looks like this:
– longrule1 kjldskajflkasjkdf
– longrule2 jklsajflkasjklfjaaf

yeah it should be a bulleted list i guess, i’ll poke at it tomorrow

Maybe need a hotfix on 51b069a1ee0017635e6b6639c5a25643c2289c09.

All rules in filter page is green now, and too much white blank space now…

that’s how it always was, unless they are inverse

well you asked for a more readable layout
next time beware what you ask for etc

But the inverse rule is also green in “filters” page now, is it normal?

nope, inverse should be red. i’ll take a look a bit later.

Tested with the latest commit, perhaps still don’t work well.



I don’n know why, but it’s ok now…:thinking: