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Can't log in with Tiny Tiny RSS Android app

I’m running Tiny Tiny RSS v19.8 (762ff9b) and trying to connect with version 1.277 of the Android client. I have MFA set up on the server end, I’m able to log in without any issues via Web Browser.

I moved from one Android phone to a new device, and I’m not able to log in with the Android client. I keep getting an:
Error: username or password incorrect

message. I’ve tried the same username and password I used to log into via Web Browser, and I set up a OTP (after searching through the forums) to try logging in with that. I still get the same error message.

I want to confirm if I set up a OTP, what am I supposed to be using in the username and password fields of the Android client? Do I put the username and then the OTP that I generated under that user account? Or do I skip the username and just put in the OTP in the password field?


Does this thread help:

That was the thread I was referring too when I set up the OTP. I’m just trying to understand what I’m actually entering in for authentication in the Android client.

Is it the username and the OTP or just the OTP with no username?

You create an application password. Then use your username with that application password in the app to login.

For each app you create a new application password. So you might create one for your phone, another for your tablet, and then on your desktop you use your normal password with the single-use code. With the idea being that if you lose a device you simply revoke that device’s ability to login.

Ok I had tried that yesterday and it didn’t work. I went back and tried it again today and it did. But I think I had a typo in the URL.

Thanks for the help.