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Can't log in on mobile

Hi, every time I try to log in on mobile (no http auth, just straight tt-rss username and password) I get the following:

Error: E_USER_WARNING (512)

Filename: classes/db/prefs.php:94

Fatal error, unknown preferences key: ENABLE_API_ACCESS (owner: 2)

  1. classes/db/prefs.php(94): user_error(Fatal error, unknown preferences key: ENABLE_API_ACCESS (owner: 2), 512)
  2. include/db-prefs.php(5): read(ENABLE_API_ACCESS, 2, )
  3. classes/api.php(76): get_pref(ENABLE_API_ACCESS, 2)
  4. api/index.php(81): login()|

My php is virtually nonexistent, does this mean anything to anyone?

OMG I’m so stupid, the External API checkmark has to be GREEN, not just present. All good.