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Can't install TTRSS on a Raspberry Pi 4 with Docker

Hello, I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with Raspbian Buster (10) and docker installed.
I’m trying to install TTRSS on my RPi with Docker following the official guide
A primitive set of scripts to deploy tt-rss via docker-compose (can’t insert links here)

I am following thoroughly the guide, but when I start the containers, after a while, I get this errors:

web_1 | standard_init_linux.go:211: exec user process caused “exec format error”

ttrss-docker_web_1 exited with code 1

And after that, the app container begins to restart all over again.
Googling looks like it’s a compatibility problem, so I wonder if somehow I can change configuration file to make it work on ARM.

Thank you

web is the caddy container, if it’s not available for arm you can try switching to nginx as a web frontend (docker-compose.yml example for it should be in git log, before switch to caddy)

personally i would advise against running tt-rss on rpi especially if you use microsd for storage.

e: you can also try looking for other caddy containers which actually run on arm.

Thank you.
I managed to make it work by using the jessestuart/caddy
For now seems to work fine.

Are you worried about MicroSD degradation in case of a lot of writes?

it’s mostly about iops (that is, lack thereof) you’re going to get on a microsd.

e: i think rpi4 finally has some kind of support for faster storage, however i don’t remember exactly what (usb3?).

e2: idk about that particular container but i think caddy has some kind of built-in telemetry (container i was using states that it is disabled), if you care about those things you might want to investigate it.

I had the same problem, I was about to post my experience in the docker feedback thread, I went with rolling back the caddy commit to use nginx - but jessestuart/caddy is a good find :thinking:

I’m running the server for LAN access only so to be honest I’m happy to continue with a custom patch to run nginx for now.

It’s not too bad, actually. I’m migrating from a mac mini server (an older model with a HDD) and it feels about the same to navigate around. The filesystem cache must be doing a pretty good job.

if it doesn’t have telemetry and works on amd64 too i think we could use it as the default so stock setup works on rpi.

Looking at the github repo used to build the image, it is fully cross platform but sadly it does have telemetry enabled.