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Cannot run update.php by any means


I’ve been racking my brain all day with this error and I can’t get around it. I’m running the latest version of ttrss on a Debian 9 VPS from DigitalOcean. I installed everything correctly, I used the same steps as on my Raspberry PI3(which works flawlessly btw).

Everything is working fine, except I cannot run updates for the feeds in any manner. I tried crontab, daemon, nothing works. I tried manually launching through “php update.php --feeds --quiet”, I tried without “quiet”, I even tried to force them. Nothing works, I receive the same “error” message again and again. It doesn’t even say what’s wrong exactly. It’s vague af. Does anybody have any idea or point me in the right direction?


I mean, it literally says: Please don't run this script as root.

Do this:

sudo -u www-data php ./update.php --daemon

Thanks a million for this! It works now.

There’s a Wiki article for this:

And the error message even suggested checking the wiki. Also, the article has examples you can copy/paste for your system. The updater really should be setup as a systemd service on a modern Linux machine.