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[BUG] jump 1 article back: container is null

I guess b3e4f0188e broke something related going one article back

Describe the problem you’re having:

Going back one article in combined non-expanded mode with hotkey (k) throws an unhandled exception:

TypeError: container is null
Stack trace:
[email protected]https://reader.url.com/js/Article.js?1587108382:175:60
[email protected]https://reader.url.com/js/Article.js?1587108382:330:13
[email protected]https://reader.url.com/js/Headlines.js?1587108382:915:17
initHotkeyActions/[email protected]https://reader.url.com/js/tt-rss.js?1582898905:297:17
[email protected]https://reader.url.com/js/tt-rss.js?1582898905:223:19
init/[email protected]https://reader.url.com/js/Feeds.js?1587108382:207:50

If possible include steps to reproduce the problem:
read some articles in combined non-expanded mode with hotkey (j) and go one article back (hotkey k) as soon you have one read article.

tt-rss git (e17c7e2fb), Debian 10.3 on metal, Postgresql 11, PHP 7.3.14-1~deb10u1

Please provide any additional information below:
using non-expanded combined mode (afaik that’s what it’s called) and display just unread articles

additional thoughts regarding this change “pack headline rows as they are unfocused to save RAM” perhaps there should remain some unpacked headlines in case someone wants to jump back and begin packing after 3 or more headlines are read.

my bad, sorry

unpacking is not an expensive operation; also this would require keeping track of what you’ve read in that order which is just too much effort for little gain.

It is fixed now, thank you!

My thought got obsolete with your fix. I wrote this because read articles collapsed entirely before and were just stacked empty boxes. I guessed that was meant with packed. :slight_smile: