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Blacklisted by feedburner. Ever happened to anyone?

Hi all,
For a couple of days I am unable to update feeds with feedburner’s address.
I checked with myfeedsucks and via browser on my desktop and they seems to be working.
Tt-rss on the other end time outs. I have the same result if I connect via ssh to the server and wget any feedburner’s url.
Is it possible that I have been blacklisted?
Feedburner.com has no way to contact them.
Has it ever happened to anyone before? Any work around?
Thank you in advance.

if it’s a VDS, you can try asking your hosting provider for a different IP / subnet.

dealing with google in situations like this is always a kafka-esque nightmare, good luck.

I am shared hosting unfortunately. I contacted my provider and they will take a look.
In the meantime I found a Google support forum and posted there too. I do not think it will be helpful, but who knows…
I also disabled update for all the feedburner feeds I have. If it’s something automatic, hopefully not requesting updates for a couple of days might unblock me.

you can also try changing tt-rss user agent in case it’s something against tt-rss in particular. happened before.