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Automatically mark as read after X days

I have a “General News” category which contains a lot of news sites. Those news sites generate a lot of traffic and if I don’t have time for a couple of days it is simply too much to catch up.

I can use the Mark as read > Older than one day manual option, but how about making this an automatic feed/category option? I can have a per-feed purging rule, why not have an option for feeds so they can be automatically set as read after X days?

Am I the only one who would like this feature or is this something other people would find useful as well?

tt-rss has automatic purging which solves this problem while also reducing database bloat, i don’t really see why automatic mark as read as necessary. that said, you can always write a plugin for this.

Good point. The automatic purging option starts with 1 week though and not days. Also I’d like to keep articles in the database for archive/search purposes.

Perfect solution for my use case would be mark as read after 1 day, purge after 1 week. I’ll look into writing a plugin for this.