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Article sorts gone strange

Version: 4036b47

I used to have my articles sorted by date, regardless of feed, within a category. Has that gone away?

Also, sorting by “Newest” gives a different result between “All Articles” - Here you can see the top article is from September, followed by an item from December.

and “Fresh Articles” - Here the top articles are from todayl.

where I would have expected the same Newest articles to appear in both. Where should I look to fix that?

  1. you have grouping by feed enabled, therefore articles are grouped by feed, then by whatever else you have selected; if you want to see a plain sorted list, don’t enable grouping by feed
  2. the output is different in fresh and “all articles” because fresh has a hard cutoff point which “all articles” doesn’t have, it just shows you everything
  3. that article from september is there because its originating feed starts with “B” and it is unread - tt-rss only does what you asked it to do

After all the recent activity, I clearly got carried away playing with options and lost my grip on what settings I had changed - when really, I liked what I had already.

Thank you for a clear and comprehensive answer. I get so much value out of tt-rss.

your post got me thinking a bit on behavior of grouped headlines on large views like this, i think sorting exclusively by feed first is not very useful.

when opening an entirely read category, for example, grouping by feed would produce a potentially endless list of all stored headlines from the first feed, followed by the next one, and so forth. this looks wrong to me because in this scenario a category is devolved to what’s pretty much a less useful view perspective for a single specific feed, which is alphanumerically sorted first.

also, this situation where an obviously very old headline is pushed on top just because it’s from some feed named AAAAAA1111 is also suboptimal.

i think there should be some kind of window applied to sorting which takes higher priority than feed title, something like year + week number would work a lot better in this situation, spread headlines around a bit and make categories and other virtual feeds actually behave like they should.

i think this should work better overall

How about sorting feeds by most recent unread post?

So, in this example, the tt-rss forum would be at the top as it has the most recent individual (unread) post, with Shut-up … next.

As I’ve not used this mode in the past, though, I may just be trying to make it look like my preferred sort order (which I normally use in combined mode, as well).

mmm. that won’t work if everything is already read; also i think looking this up would be resource intensive.

I am sorry for stepping in, but maybe I did not understand fox reply.

My situation is, I moved hosting, so I had to reinstall tt-rss, which meant all articles for all feeds have been refetch. In my mind, I had to "mark as read " -> “older than a week” but it does not work.

So I thought I could click on a category, sort by oldest, and having “Automatically mark articles as read” enabled, I would scroll untill I find a post to a date older than the one of the new installation.

As you can see from the screenshot, it does not work, because even though I disabled feeds’ grouping, the sort is unexplainable.

#1 and #2 could be fine if feeds were grouped (which is not), but it does not explain #3, because the feed start with k and the date is older than #2 but newer than #1

Then suddenly out of nowhere comes #4, which is older than #3 but all his brothers are above.

I am running b6a021461d2ea54a91ce77c58591ad2ead35abdc on PostgreSQL

On a side note, if I group feeds, the order is respected within the feed, but I can not figure out which feed tt-rss decide to show first

first of all: hover over date, you’ll see “imported at …”, that’s what is used for sorting (because feed dates are unreliable)

My mistake. I completely forgot about that. I guess “Mark as Read” + “Older than…” uses the same date so that’s the reason it does not work.

I admit this is a very rare scenario, but “imported dates” in this case is partially unreliable.