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[Android] Label sort order

Hi all,

when using the TTRSS Android app (org.fox.ttrss), in the view “Label” swiped in from the left all labels are sorted by creation date.

But as my 100+ labels are organised in cluster groups using a 4-digit numbering system, I would like to use the same sorting order as in the web browser.

How can this be done? There is no visible switch neither in the Android app nor the web client.

Many thanks in advance.

Greeting from Berlin/Germany


tt-rss version (including git commit id):
18.12 (shared hoster with one-cllick-installer and without git)

Platform (i.e. Linux distro, PHP, PostgreSQL, etc) versions:
MySQL 5.7.25-0
Ubuntu 16.04

i think those should be sorted alphabetically, if they aren’t it’s a bug i guess

hmmm. i can’t confirm this, labels on android are sorted alphabetically for me, like they should be:

android app doesn’t seem to be doing any additional sorting after retrieving the list, so i dunno.

if it’s mysql specific (but how?) someone else will have to confirm/deny

Android test was performed on the new 19.2 instance pulled from git after the OPML label issue was fixed.

To really have a fresh start, the Android app was deinstalled and installed as new from F-Droid.

The labels swiped in from the left are still in the order of creation which originated from the old 18.12 instance.

Manual sorting in the respectice section of the OPML file is possible, but if there are any other options I would prefer the latter.

Thanks in advance.

ah you mean in the feedlist not “assign labels” dialog, i’ll take a look at this

alright, this should be fixed now. you will either need to wait for next f-droid automatic build tomorrow or reinstall from google play (update will be live in a few hours)

Downloaded 1.263 (497) from Google Play.

Fix works as expected. Thanks a lot.

Any known issues with the f-droid publishing cycle?

https://f-droid.org/de/packages/org.fox.tttrss/ still shows the same old version.

why don’t you ask whoever publishes to f-droid.org, because i don’t

before posting at least search or check tt-rss.org ffs

You should use this instead of the default f-droid repository:

Thanks for the helpful answer. Added repo to sources. Wasn’t aware that f-droig.org has a hidden human bug in its processes.

Searched Wiki: no search function
Searched FAQ: no entry
Searched Discourse forum: 11 results for android f-droid

Overall result with the above approach: not even worth mentioning it in first posting

link to the stickied f-droid thread (linked above) is right there on tt-rss.org frontpage, you don’t even need to search