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[Android] Interface layout requests

It would be possible to make the layout like Palabre, with tabs in the top with the categories?

Is very user friendly to go from one category to another, is fast, and most people prefer to review the RSS as categories because all the news are in the same context so are easiest to digest.
This layout saves “clicks” and time.

A quick button to mark all as read would be nice as well, palabre and others has a floating button that appears at the bottom when you arrive at the last article in the rss feed.

BTW excellent app, I just paid for it.

personally i think this layout is too busy. i understand reading top to bottom, left to right, but this stuff is just all over the place. that’s just my opinion though.

anyway, in general i wouldn’t expect any major changes on android. i think what we have now works reasonably well and i would prefer to not any more bloat, especially new UI modes.

check the overflow (:) menu

I know about the menu but with the floating button you save time.
How is the layout busy? The tabs/categories just take a small space at the top and you can navigate from one to other just with a swiping gesture in the screen.

tabs only work if you have like 5 categories tops, otherwise scrolling is going to be a pain.

i understand that you like this particular app but i’m not going to make you a copycat version of it just because you want to and baseless stuff like “most people prefer X” is not really going to help.

app source is available though so you can make any layout you wish. go nuts.

Ok, so I’m right but you don’t want to do it xD. Is NOT baseless, as I explained already you need to push several times less the screen to do the same actions.
Just download Palabre and enjoy the interface for a few days and you will see why is more user friendly. Then you will have and informed opinion about the benefits of each layout.

i told you why, there’s tiles everywhere spread randomly on screen - it’s like a social network app designed to prey on kids with ADHD

i also told you why linear tabs wouldn’t work for tt-rss UI - because this kind of UI doesn’t scale

i also can’t imagine anyone saying something like this with a straight face :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

i hope you aren’t a literal shill, op, because boy would that be a colossal waste of your time.

If you like the Palabre interface, wouldn’t it make more sense to use that interface and use this TTRSS extension: Palabre extension (Android) to access you TTRSS instance?

who said you were right…

OP’s ego? After all, it’s the bestest of best idea⸮

It doesn’t work well, sync is slow and after a while (10 hours) the marked as read article appear again as unread

I have proof that with the 2 proposals I have made to do the same it would require 2 or 3 times less interactions (depending on how do you configure ttrss app) with the screen.

And regarding the ui scale issue, the tabs can be implemented in several ways (like in any browser “science fiction tech” when there are too many), so the scale up doesn’t necessary has to be a problem.

Have fun kids!

Like Fox said: go nuts, nobody is holding you back!

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Really? Where is that proof?

A few tabs is just fine, more than a dozen or so and you’re in trouble: what works for you does not work for everyone else.

How about showing your skills and coding it yourself? No one is stopping you. In fact, I encourage you to do it. 頑張ってください