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Android Client - Favicon not displayed


First of all, thank you for this great piece of software that is TTRSS. I tried almost all of the online feed aggregators and they can’t compete, even with their paid versions.

Anyway, I use the Android client, which is also awesome, but I still miss the favicon. They are displayed on the web client but not on the Android one. Also, there is plenty of real estate beside the feed name so it would make sense to put it here.

Is there anyway to make it possible in future versions? I just subscribed to beta and would be happy to help give some feedback.

Thanks again and have a nice day.

feed icons were supported at some point a long time ago but mostly tiny images and high dpi screens of modern phones don’t really mix well, i.e. it looks terrible. that’s why i removed it.

afraid not.

Thanks again for your reactivity.

Too bad. I have a pretty decent phone (with more than 300 ppi screen) and other apps with favicons look nice.

Maybe, if I’m not the only one asking for this, you’ll reconsider your answer :wink: