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[Android App] Suggestion: Add "Mark as read" at the bottom

currently, when you to scroll to the bottom of the feed and want to mark all as read, you have to scroll up a bit to make the top toolbar appear again, then tap on the burger menu and tap mark as read.
How about a little (optional!) button at the bottom to mark all as read?
Thanks for considering.

i’m so sorry you have to go through this excruciating experience of scrolling up a bit

yes let’s add a button, and a preference to toggle it, excellent idea. we really need more incomprehensible UI bloat because of people like you and their first world problems.

fuck off.


Thanks, will do. Although the forum software you decided to use for this site (probably because of its

) won’t let me delete my own account. So if you’d be so kind?

@fox (I know you love that)
Still waiting…