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Android App: Landscape layout without article list

I’m using the TT-RSS Android app version 1.281 (515) on my mobile phone Android, 5,9" display, and tablet Android 10, 10,5" display.
I think it would be a good option to be able to hide the article list in landscape layout on the tablet. At least on the mobile phone does not show the article list in the landscape layout.

Please refer to the following screenshot. I could only attach a single image.

Landscape layout

so, essentially, force phone UI layout on tablets?

it’s not a bad idea but i’m not sure how annoying this would be to implement because of how android loads layout definitions for various device sizes.

i’ll take a look.

At least for the part when I opened a certain feed and start reading through the articles it would be awesome to have the entire display for reading. Of course not harcoded as some users likely prefer the way it is now.
Thank you for considering this!

to be honest I’ve kind of wanted to add something like this for a while now, on smaller tablets in landscape the UI is a bit too cluttered.



so, phone UI. it’s going to be an option in preferences.

beta instructions in the first post of that thread

e: ok i like how this works, should’ve done this a long time ago.

Just received the beta version. Working like expected, but when I open a feed (tapping on it in the left column) there are two views shown. One with all feeds and after that the article list for that feed.
I just can’t remember if this was the behavior before, but I think it was?
Just asking so that nothing was broken with this update.

This one directly after opening the feed:

And this view after clicking on an article on the right column:

After that it stays in the second view

unless I’m missing something obvious, this is how this has always worked on tablets

with force phone ui option enabled it should jump straight to articles, its not enabled on your screenshot