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Andorid 8 issues?

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Describe the problem you’re having:

I noticed the below issues after my phone was upgraded to android 8.0.

  1. Some videos / articles loading in preview mode and then all the text or video disappears.
  2. Also when viewing a reddit article I believe when tapping on the header to go to the Reddit app the article is loaded in the built in viewer instead.

If possible include steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. Load a rss feed in which you know you could previously see the preview and then load it on a phone with Android
  2. Sometimes the preview text or video will be briefly displayed and then disappear.

tt-rss version (including git commit id):
1.216 (450) 153cb6d30510f9804fe596ac6777bc2f35111ae2

Platform (i.e. Linux distro, PHP, PostgreSQL, etc) versions:
Linux with PostgreSQL

Please provide any additional information below:
Phone: Nexus 6P
Android 8.0.0 with the August 5th, 2017 security patch

I’ll take a look when I’m back from vacation but its not going to be a priority, google has thousands of phds working for them maybe they should use a few to fix their clown-tier mobile platform

maybe even introduce a concept of backwards compatibility

i don’t have any hardware with O so i made an emulator instance and everything seems to work fine. i understand that’s not very helpful but i can’t really do anything else for you.

re: rendering if there’s a problem with webview for example running on actual hardware than your best bet is waiting for google to fix it at some point. this happened before and they fixed similar issues eventually.

re: built-in viewer, check if you have quick preview enabled in settings.

Thanks for looking at it.

I have a similar setup (Nexus 6p w/ 8.0 and the patch from Sept; got it last week). My TTRSS is also linux, postgres and I did a pull just yesterday (I see I need to do another pull today).

Using the application, I navigated to three different articles with videos (I think they all were youtube videos) and just hit play and all three played without issue. I think that is the correct sequence, if not let me know how I should adjust.

If you would not mind could you try subscribing to the Vox - All feed and see if you can reproduce the article preview issue? I have two other feeds which I also have issues with but this one seems to do it the most. I cannot see the article preview.


Sorry this took so long but after watching about 2 dozen videos on vox, I never encountered an issue w/ playback.
Sorry I can’t reproduce the issue either.

Thanks for trying. It’s not just videos though. The article preview does not show up for me. I’ll look at it some more later.