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Alternating line colours possible?

Hey there,

is it possible to have alternating line colours on the topics overview?
I think it would easier readable with alternating colours from line to line.


you should be able to do this easily enough with user CSS using even/odd selectors: https://www.w3.org/Style/Examples/007/evenodd.en.html

Ah, thanks a lot.

If someone won’t to have this too, i simply added this custom CSS:

div.hl:nth-child(even) {background: #FFF;}
div.hl:nth-child(odd) {background: #F5F5F5;}
div.hl.Unread:nth-child(even) {background: #FFF;}
div.hl.Unread:nth-child(odd) {background: #F5F5F5;}