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Add feed: [Unknown]: LibXML error 23 at line 12 (column 94): EntityRef: expecting ';'


When I add the Feed https://magazin.audible.de/index.xml

I get this error: [Unknown]: LibXML error 23 at line 12 (column 94): EntityRef: expecting ‘;’

Have you an idea how I can fix this?

Thank you and best regards


My Feed Sucks reports that the feed is invalid. So contact the site admin and let him/her know.


Thank you.When I see the error I think it must give a way to solved it when I replace this. Do you now in whitch file this will parsed?

I don’t think that Amazon change his feed.

Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

The file is the one you provided: http…index.xml.

Why is it doing this? Probably because they’re using HTML entities incorrectly. I see a lot of ampersands that are not properly encoded.

That seems unlikely, no? I mean, if the feed was working before and now it’s not, it serves to reason that they changed something.

e: Just find a support link somewhere and send an email. You’d be surprised how such a simple act of reporting an issue often leads to the issue being fixed.


Thank you. Sorry my english is not good.

The Link has never work for me.
My plan is that I change the code from ttrss to replace this, but I don’t know whitch file ttrss use to parse this.

The feed is what is damaged, not TT-RSS. TT-RSS is using a library, libXML; TT-RSS gives the document to that library and the library returns an object that TT-RSS can work through to extract the information. The library, libXML, cannot interpret the document because the document (the RSS feed) is invalid.

Your best bet would be to use a plugin like HOOK_FETCH_FEED and manually fix the source. But, no joke, that is a nightmare.