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Add feature: Statistics


as a suggestion for improvement: I would personally find it very cool having the possibility of seeing feed statistics in e.g. the edit feeds windows.
For example: Amount of articles for a feed in the database. Amount of new articles per day/week/month.
Also it would be cool to have a general info page for the entire tt-rss on how many articles are stored, new (per day/week/month), top ten feeds etc…
Or maybe it is possible to add to Settings -> Feeds a column giving the amount of articles stored in the database next to the last update date.

I rememeber that there was once a statistics plugin, but do not seem to find it any more

Maybe this idea finds some interest…

this seems like something that should be done via a plugin.

maybe you’re thinking of a second tab in the user editor.

Can the information be pulled via the api? So something external could read feeds and unread messages and push it to influx.

The only information you’re going to get from the API is per user for number of feeds, articles, etc. The wiki page details what calls are available out of the box. The API is pluggable but if you’re going to code in PHP you might as well just do a proper plugin that shows the stats on the Preferences page.



Thanks a lot for pointing to this plugin. :slight_smile:

As I had no clue which of my current ca. 360 feeds causes the database to still have a size of around 2 GBytes I now have a better idea where to start. All incoming articles are processed by ca. 150 filters and are set to “read” if no filter match was found during processing. Therefore ca. 99% of the articles are hidden from being seen but are not deleted for further searching if needed.

Here is the plugin output of my main TTRSS instance:

From your 367 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 109335 items, starred 479 items, and published 12 items.

So, thanks to the stats I now can get rid of feeds delivering next to nothing and also can cut down feeds which have a bad ratio of delivered versus starred articles.