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Add Autoload favicon from the Site URL option in Edit Feed window

Some feeds don’t have an icon, and in order to add it, the user must find the favicon from the site URL and download/save the favicon first, then upload it to TTRSS. This works but I think it would be much better if TTRSS can load the favicon from the Site URL automatically.

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TT-RSS already tries to get the favicon automatically. I’m not sure what you’re asking to have changed?

If the feed has favicon embedded, then TTRSS does get it automatically. However, there are some feeds don’t have the icon information, therefore you have to add the icon manually.

TT-RSS presently checks the site (the default HTML page for the site URL) to see if a favicon is declared there. If it’s not there it falls back to checking the default location.

How often are you encountering sites that don’t automatically show the favicon (when you know one exists)?

I didn’t know TTRSS checked the site for favicon already. I thought it only checked the RSS atom:icon.

I do have a few feeds that have empty icon in TTRSS, and they do have a favicon when I open their web page. When does TTRSS look for the favicon? If I update the feed’s site URL, maybe it should look for the favicon again if it is empty?

You can review the code in the RSSUtils class. I think it checks for it every 12 hours? You can probably force a check by running the feed debug (f D) and selecting Force Refetch.

Thanks for your help, JustAMacUser
There has been a problem with my TTRSS icons since a couple days ago. Some of the icons disappeared at night, but they would come back the second day in the morning. I have tried “force debug”, and it works. But I don’t want to do it for all my feeds one by one. It seems to be a bug. Here is a screenshot when the icons are missing and refetched.


Some feeds cannot get the icon back even after a few times “force refectch”. Like the 3rd feed “solidot” on my screenshot above. The site URL of that feed is https://www.solidot.org and it does have a favicon.

In my opinion, once TTRSS finds a favicon, it shouldn’t refresh it every 12 hours unless the user force to refresh it manually.

that’s how this works. if the file already exists it’s not refreshed.

looks like some periodic process on your server deletes those files.

My TTRSS and the DB Postgres are both running in the docker. I guess the favicons are saved in the database, which only TTRSS has access to.
If the favicons already show once, the “file” already exists, therefore TTRSS shouldn’t periodic delete them, should it?

favicons are stored on the filesystem. if they don’t persist, this means whatever docker container you’re using is not storing feed-icons directory properly.

no, tt-rss doesn’t auto-delete icons.

Thanks fox. Let me check the docker settings.