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Adaptive, read, unread expand and collapse

Is it possible that if i have “Adaptive” mode selected and only the unread articles are expanded and read ones collapsed? ( I tried searching and can’t get any article or i couldn’t come up with the search phrase properly)

if thats not posisble, what class i could customize so unread have red or some bright color and read ones stay greyed so i can differentiate and stop scrolling. (becaz many times i keep scrolling without realizing i already read that, i could use “unread” mode but i keep switching between starred and other feeds all the time so i like “adaptive” mode)


Update: I used developer console to find the class for unread title and I override that class with customize option to make it red and it works fine.

I still have to figure out how to collapse read articles.


Something like this?

#headlines-frame .cdm:not(.Unread) .content {
  display: none;

awesome, that worked. but now how do i expand, I tried clicking and all it does it open the feed source in another tab.

Thanks btw.

you’ll need another selector, likely :not(.Unread):not(.active)

thank you so much, it works.