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A personal plugin adds hotkeys for "Show articles" and "Sort articles" menus plus enhanced un/collapse action

Announcing a personal plugin others might find useful.

Sorry, the name is a bit vain but when I searched for an available “root” hotkey, “R” was available and so far it has stuck. :slight_smile: Comments, suggestions, contributions welcome. README :

TTRSS Rodney’s Hotkeys Plugin

Add hotkeys to change “Show articles” and “Sort articles” settings. Add a hotkey to replace ‘x’ un/collapse to include parent category if current selected folder is a feed.


Sometimes I like to read starred articles oldest to newest (especially articles in a series or videos that build on the next/previous one). I would like to have the “Show articles” and “Sort articles” menu options as hotkeys. Also I find myself hitting “x” a lot to collapse a category and it doesn’t work b/c the current folder is a feed. This plugin addresses all of these preferences w/o resorting to mouse clicks.


  • x => Un/collapse current category (or parent category if current selection is a feed)

  • Show articles

    • R A => Adaptive
    • R L => All Articles
    • R S => Starred
    • R P => Published
    • R U => Unread
    • R W => With Note
  • Sort articles

    • R D => Default
    • R N => Newest first
    • R O => Oldest first
    • R T => Title

Thanks to Gilles Grandou’s plugin toggle_sort_titles for the pattern/starting point.

I just added a binding to the spacebar that “scrolls down a bit”; 1/8th of the screen instead of 1/2 the screen for page up/dn. I when reading I like to keep my eye scan near the top of the window. This help b/c it scrolls about 4 lines for me (depends on window height YMMV).