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A category named Gas Chamber?

A category named Gas Chamber? Are you serious? do you think this is funny or something?

what’s really funny is your reaction tbh

gas thread ban op imo

Wouldn’t лавное Управление Лагерей be more appropriate?…

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It saves time on discussions due to Godwin’s law

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Please rename this in the name of all holocaust victims

You do realize that gas chambers are not exclusive to the holocaust right? They are still used to execute criminals. Maybe not everything is a reference to nazis.

I understand that, but it is still disrespectful nonetheless. Renaming it would really take the edge of. Maybe: Trash, Dump, … etc would suffice.

if you can’t handle something like that maybe you should go back to the gas chamber your safe space (and take your noname alts with you)

locking this thread

e: any further attempts to virtue signal on this forum are going to be locked and moved to the aforementioned category

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