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404 errors with cache_starred_images

After using cache_starred_images plugin for a while, I recently noticed the cached images don’t actually load. Is this plugin still working correctly for other people?

What happens:

  • Images load fine before I star the article.
  • After starring the article, images no longer display - whether reading in Firefox or in Fiery Feeds.
  • When opened directly, the URL returns 404.

Additional info:

first of all, cache_starred_images is partially broken in a docker setup because of GLOB_BRACE requiring glibc, which alpine doesn’t use. the code relying on it should be rewritten but i haven’t done it yet. so you’re going to run into warnings when it tries to expire stuff.

that said, i’ve just tested it, and caching/rewriting part seems to work properly under docker.

try opening tt-rss directly without your reverse proxy, especially if its an nginx 404 you’re seeing.

e: if someone bothers to rewrite the GLOB_BRACE part i’ll gladly merge the PR :slight_smile:

Using internal host/port in the cached image URL ( http://192.168.x.xx:8280/public.php?op=cached_url&file=starred-images/300005-9bc09f137e7c6ee6c0f78fac96ba55090f5a7619 ) results in the same error. Or were you suggesting something else?

Also wanted to add that other ‘public.php’ functions work correctly – e.g., bookmarklets and the Published feed.

well, your URL is incorrect, my docker-compose setup has tt-rss in a /tt-rss/ location, you’re using /.

in any case, check container logs.