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General forum rules Please post in English only. Don’t post ads for paid services. As a general tl;dr rule low-effort posting will get you probated. People are trying to help you, don’t waste their time on stupid bulls…

6 August 5, 2019
F-Droid repository for tt-rss

For people who just can’t stand Google Play there’s a F-Droid repository now. Repository URL: https://srv.tt-rss.org/fdroid/repo RSS feed with direct APK links: https://srv.tt-rss.org/fdroid/feed.php There are sev…

2 July 6, 2018
Come idle with us on Jabber (XMPP)

you will need to get a jabber account somewhere first xmpp network is federated so it can be any server (including your own) join conference (group chat): [email protected] instead of a desktop client you can u…

2 January 17, 2019
Rate limiting for some git-related requests

TLDR: If you run into 503 errors when trying to git pull, try pulling less often. I've noticed an unusual amount of git-related HTTP requests in nginx logs which caused a noticeable increase in overall traffic sent per…

6 September 21, 2017
FeedMei, a clean and minimal theme 17 August 22, 2019
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DOMNodeList not found 6 August 21, 2019
Tag exclusion on "Tag cloud" 2 August 21, 2019
[API] Feeds should be sorted using order_id instead of title 3 August 15, 2019
Android client: general / beta discussion

I did some updates on the client which included a lot of updates for various google libraries and build SDK (and some minor async stuff so that swiping between articles is somewhat less jittery). This is the kind of chan…

76 August 15, 2019
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