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General forum rules Please post in English only. Don’t post ads or referral links. Low-effort posting will get you probated. If you ask for help, be considerate and proactive at providing needed information. Don’t waste…

8 September 1, 2019
F-Droid repository for tt-rss

For people who just can’t stand Google Play there’s a F-Droid repository now. Repository URL: https://srv.tt-rss.org/fdroid/repo RSS feed with direct APK links: https://srv.tt-rss.org/fdroid/feed.php There are sev…

2 July 6, 2018
Come idle with us on Jabber (XMPP)

you will need to get a jabber account somewhere first xmpp network is federated so it can be any server (including your own) join conference (group chat): [email protected] instead of a desktop client you can u…

2 January 17, 2019
Rate limiting for some git-related requests

TLDR: If you run into 503 errors when trying to git pull, try pulling less often. I've noticed an unusual amount of git-related HTTP requests in nginx logs which caused a noticeable increase in overall traffic sent per…

6 September 21, 2017
Docker-compose + tt-rss

i think it’s time to recommend docker compose in our installation guide by default. however, i don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so which of the multiple existing containers should i choose? what i’m interested in, spe…

129 January 24, 2020
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